Everything you need to know about the Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1

A short video setting out the features and benefits of the Ocean Signal RecueMe PLB1 for use on the water.

Second in a series of 5 Video Guides on everything you need to know about PLBs.

Video 1: Personal Locator Beacons- Everything you need to know about ACR & Ocean Signal PLBs

Video 2: Ocean Signal RescueME PLB1

Video 3: ACR ResQLink 400 PLB

Video 4: ACR ResQLink View PLB

Video 5: How to register your PLB with the Coastguard online 

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Rescueme Plb1
Catalogue Code: 500064
Save £36.38 RRP £296.33
Available In-store to call & collect
Available to buy online
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