Caring for your Drysuit

Drysuits are the perfect tool to keep us sailing all year round, but they do need some basic care to keep them in tip-top condition so they keep us dry and out on the water…



Seals are the most vulnerable part of your suit, so it’s worth checking them over to make sure they don’t have any damage or tears. It goes without saying that when donning a drysuit, make sure you remove any jewelery or watches that might damage the seal. A light dusting of talcum powder can really help to get the seals on too. Latex seals can be susceptible to a variety of chemicals, even some that are on our skin, so it’s important to store the drysuit clean and dry to maximise their life. Seals can even be damaged by chemical vapour, so store inside away from paints and other chemicals that you may store or use in a garage or shed. 


Built in socks


As with seals, socks are often made of Latex, so take extra care with these and make sure they are clean, dry and free from damage. A dash of talc inside the sucks can assist too - it stops them from sticking to themselves during storage. 


Cleaning your Drysuit


It’s important to clean your drysuit after use, both on the inside and out. Chemicals such as sunscreen and lubricants used around your boat can damage the seals so these must be thoroughly rinsed in warm water after each use. Drysuits are best dried upside-down, to allow any water to drain out, and with the zip open to maximise internal airflow. Do not put your drysuit in the washing machine. 




The zip on a drysuit is vital to its waterproof integrity, and it’s really important to ensure it is free from dirt and debris. It’s worth lightly lubricating it with a dedicated zip lubricant, don’t just use any lubricant as they can actually attract dirt and debris. When removing your drysuit it’s worth using a changing mat - this prevents sand and grit from getting into your zip. 


Storing your Drysuit


Store your drysuit in a dry indoor environment such as a wardrobe. Make sure the suit is completely dry before putting in to storage. Try and make sure the seals and zip are no folded or kinked, and if storing for more than a week or two give the seals a light dusting of talc. 

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