Sextant - Nautical Navigational Devices

A sextant is a navigational device primarily used on boats. It allows the user to determine their latitude and longitude and therefore their location at sea.

The way they work is by allowing the user to measure the angle between a celestial body, such as a stars and planets, and the horizon.

They're an essential navigation instrument for any sailor wanting to try their hand at celestial navigation.

Video: Davis Sextants Overview | Davis Sextant Buyer's Guide

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Astra 3B Deluxe Metal Sextant - Split View
Available to buy online
Mark 15 Master Sextant
Catalogue Code: 320001
Mark 25 Deluxe Master Sextant
Catalogue Code: 320006
Available to buy online
Drum Sextant - Split View
Catalogue Code: 320004
Available to buy online
Captain Campbell's Vernier Sextant
Catalogue Code: 320009
Artificial Horizon
Catalogue Code: 320008
Available to buy online
Astro Navigation Tables 2024
Catalogue Code: 710208
Astro Navigation Handbook (G78)
Catalogue Code: 710196
Star Pocket Scope
Catalogue Code: 330007
Available to buy online
Reeds Sextant Simplified
Catalogue Code: 710199
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