Have you started your Force 4 Wish List yet?

What is a Wish List?


Your Wishlist is a section in your Force 4 account where you can save the boating products you like, might want to buy, but haven’t bought yet.




Where can I find my Wish List?


Click on the heart icon at the top of the website page to go to your Wish List.




Why would I need a Wish List?


While searching on Force 4, you may find products you like, but which you don’t need at the moment. Adding them to your Wish List is an easy way to make sure you can find them again when you do need them.




Can I use my Wish List on my phone?


You can use the Wish List across all your devices - phones, tablets and PCs.


For example, you could browse and add products to your Wish List on your PC, but pay for them using your phone.



How do I create a Wish List?


Step 1: 

Log into your Force 4 Account, or create a new account.


If you are not logged into your account when you add items to your Wish List they will not be saved for your next visits.


Step 2:

When you are exploring the website, and see a product you like, press the heart icon on the product page. When the heart icon turns red, the item will automatically be added to your Wish List.


You can remove the product at any time, by going to your Wish List and removing it there.


When you move a product to your basket, it will also be removed from your Wish List.


You may add as many items as you like to your Wish List.





What else can I do with my Wish List?


If friends or family would like to to buy you a gift, you can share your list with them by email. The items on your Wish List will be displayed in the email, but none of your personal information will be visible.






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