Portable Thermoelectric Cool Boxes

If you have power on board your boat, but not the room for a refrigerator, then these portable thermoelectric coolboxes provide you a perfect option for keeping food and drink cool on board.

Cheaper than compressor cool box options they are capable of keeping things cool up to 30 °C below the ambient temperature. 

They don't have quite the same level of performance as a compressor cool box but you can boost this with the addition of cool packs or ice. They have excellent insulation like any good cool box should.

Some models also feature a heating function, capable of keeping any hot foods warm if required!

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Portable Thermoelectric Cool Boxes
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 Eco-Chill Thermo-Electric Coolbox
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Catalogue Code: 820168
From £79.95
Save £27.05 RRP £107.00
Available to buy online
CK 40D Hybrid Fridge-Freezer Coolbox
Catalogue Code: 820112
Available to buy online
TropiCool TCX21 Cooler
Catalogue Code: 820124
TropiCool TCX14 Cooler
Catalogue Code: 820123
Thermoelectric Drink Cooler 12V
Catalogue Code: 820118
Save £15.05 RRP £152.00
Available to buy online
Hygiene Alcohol Cleaner Spray
Catalogue Code: 420475
Save £8.50 RRP £16.00
Available to buy online
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