Boat Dehumidifiers & Moisture Absorbers

Force 4 Chandlery has a range of marine dehumidifiers that are useful to boat owners in the damp winter months. Dehumidifiers are used to remove water from moist air. Removing this excess moisture helps to prevent damp and mould forming.

There are 3 main types of dehumidifier to choose from: Passive (not powered by electricity), Compressor run and Desiccant Dehumidifiers.

Passive models use crystals that absorb moisture from the air. These can be excellent at helping to remove moisture in small areas such as cupboards and lockers, and small boat cabins.

You can leave them unattended, but they also have a limited capacity. To keep working, they require replacement or refilling.

Electric dehumidifiers for boats fall in to two categories: compressor dehumidifiers and desiccant wheel types. Both are very good at removing moisture from the air.

Compressor types can sometimes struggle in the lower temperatures often associated with winter on board. Desiccant models use slightly more power, but work very well in lower temperatures. They also heat the air slightly as well, which also helps to prevent condensation.

The electric boat dehumidifiers have integral water tanks to collect the water. They also have the option to drain directly out of the boat down a sink using a hose attachment included. They can continuously operate and can be left unattended.

Which type is right for you? The guides below will help you answer that question...

Videos: Choosing the right Dehumidifer for your Boat | How to prevent Mould and Mildew with Moisture Traps

Boat Dehumidifiers
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