Layering Systems

Base Layers

Often disregarded, but an essential aspect of any sailing kit bag, that provides the ‘Base’ for your whole clothing layering system. Available for both warm and cold conditions a good quality base layer should wick moisture away from the skin in order to keep you cool in warm weather, or a thermal base layer will wick moisture away to keep you dry and warm in cooler conditions.

Mid Layer

The mid layer should be thought of as the heat/insulation layer. Worn close rather than loose the mid layer should trap heat close to your skin whilst still allowing moisture to move away. Fleeces, Soft Shell Jackets & trousers are ideal mid layers and as a rule the more weight/insulation the less breathability.

Outer layer/Suits

Designed to be the toughest layer that takes the pressures of the outside world, your outer layer should be ready to take on whatever the weather can throw at you. The outermost garment should ideally be waterproof, windproof and breathable enough for the most active of sails. 

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