Maintaining your boat's fresh water system

If your boat has a fresh water system then it’s worth taking a few steps each year to ensure that it stays clean and free from any nasties. It’s also worth checking and servicing your freshwater pump from time to time - this should make it run more efficiently and last longer. Here’s our quick guide to keeping your water system in tip top condition…



It’s important to properly sterilise our tanks at least once a year. We sell a few products for this such as Puriclean. These products are designed to be added to the fresh water in your tank, but unlike water purification tablets cannot be consumed - you must empty and flush the system after using these products. They will thoroughly sterilise the tank, leaving it clean and ready for the season.



When you clean your tank, as in step 1 above, make sure you also run the cleaning solution in to the pipework and calorifier for the same amount of time as it is supposed to sit in the tank. Pipes are a common area of growth for things such as algae and mould so must not be forgotten.



Many boats are fitted with a water purification filter - these are normally  designed to be changed every season, but each type is different so check what’s written on yours. If you don’t have one fitted we strongly advise adding one. They are easy to fit, and filter the water just prior to the galley outlet to make the water as clean as possible for drinking. 



We always recommend the use of water purification tablets in a boats fresh water system. The very nature of both it and the source of the water makes this advisable if you plan to drink the water. We sell both tablets and liquids; the tablets are easy to use but some say they can taste them. The liquid is a little more fiddly to use, but our customers report that it is completely tasteless.



Whether you have an electric freshwater pump or a manual version, it’s essential that you replace the serviceable parts every few years. We stock service kits for most common freshwater pumps, and it’s normally quite an easy job to do even with basic DIY skills. 

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