Yachting Boots

The right boot for the right job.

Your choice of footwear is important when sailing; keeping your feet warm and dry, maintaining good traction on the deck, and the appropriate style of boot for the kind of sailing you'll be doing is also key.

Yachting boots come in a variety of styles, ranging from the less expensive waterproof rubber models to the pricier but high performance breathable models that are ideal for longer voyages or sailing at night. 


Types of Boots For Your Style of Sailing:

  • Rubber

Fully waterproof light weight yachting boots are great at keeping your feet dry during day sailing and for lighter recreational kinds of activity. Look for styles with reinforced toes, grippy non-slip soles, and and consider getting a size larger than normal to accommodate an extra pair of socks for padding and in cold weather.

  • Breathable

For night sailing or extended voyages, it is worth spending a bit more for breathable materials. Inevitably some water will get into a rubber boot on a long trip, and in this circumstance waterproofing does more to hold water in than to let it escape. A breathable boot will keep your feet drier and happier. Our most popular breathable boot is the Dubarry Ultima. With unparalled breathability and the highest quality manufacture, it's the boot our customers return to again and again - the reviews speak for themselves.

Dubarry of Ireland Inforgraphic

Regardless of the style you decide on, a comfortable fit is important for a boot you'll be standing and moving in for long periods of time.

Best Manufacturers of Yachting Boots 

  • Dubarry

Perhaps the most highly regarded makers of yachting boots. Their gore-tex and leather models are an excellent choice for extended sailing trips, and are also very fashionable with a classic sailing boot look.  You can view our range of Dubarry Boots by clicking here.

  • Gill

High quality waterproof rubber boots and is a good choice for the style.  I find the broad toes leave plenty of room for my extra socks and the razor-cut soles really stick to the deck when I need them to.  You can see our range of Gill boots by clicking here.

  • Orca Bay 

Both waterproof and breathable style boots in a modern fashion, they are a good in between choice when you want the economy of a rubber boot but a bit more breathability.  You can see our range of Orca Bay boots by clicking here.

Making Your Selection
The best option if possible is to come and visit one of our chandlery stores in your area so you can try out a variety of styles and talk us through the type of boating you'll be doing. In the end you'll probably find as I did that one pair of sailing boots just isn't going to cut it for everything and you will probably end up with a couple of pairs for different activities on the water. 
Happy Boating!

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