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Grab Bag Checklist

Hello fellow boaters, well the weather certainly seems to be improving day by day in the Hamble. Which is fantastic news for all us fair-weather sailors!

 Just to say we spotted a good article in the April edition of Yachting Monthly, it's all about creating a ship's grab bag checklist. They've split the list into the Most Important and General items, and then whether they're essential or optional for Coastal and Offshore sailing. A really handy guide, and a good read.
So we've been inspired to write up a list of products we think you should consider for your ship's grab bag (Prices are correct at time of blog being published 25/03/2011).

Important Items to consider for your Ship's Grab Bag:
EPIRB/PLB (GPS enabled are best) - We'd consider:

Mcmurdo Fastfind 210 PLB with GPS

ACR Aqualink GPS 406 PLB

ACR Satellite 3 406 EPIRB Cat II


Hand-held GPS + Spare Batteries - We'd consider:

Garmin eTrex H Handheld GPS

Duracell Pack of 4 AA Batteries


Hand-held VHF radio + Spare Batteries - We'd consider:

Cobra HH325 Waterproof VHF Handheld Radio


First Aid Kit - We'd consider:

Crewmedic First Aid Kit 60

Crewmedic First aid kit 180

Cat C First Aid Kit - Soft Bag


Important Items to consider for your Ship's Grab Bag:

Communications - We'd consider:

ACR C-Strobe lifejacket light

Waterproof Notebook

Write anywhere pen

Seamark Dye marker

Inshore Flare Pack

Coastal Flare Pack

Plastimo Iris 50 Compass

ACR Hotshot Mirror

MSA Lifejacket Whistle

Powertraveller Solar Monkey


First Aid - We'd consider:

SPF 50 Lipscreen with UV Indicator Cap

Panama Jack Sunblock Lotion SPF 35

Gill Floatable Classic Sunglasses

Survival blanket


Survival Equipment - We'd consider:

Fladen Fishing Hand line, Pirk and feathers

Adult mask & Snorkel Set

Aquamate Solar Still


Extra Rations - We'd consider:

Ocean Safety Water rations

Wayfarer pre-cooked meals


Tools - We'd consider:

Plastimo Bailer

Light sticks

Duct Tape 50mm x 50m

Grab Bag Emergency torch

Glotorch LED Torch

Duracell Pack of 4 AA Batteries 

Sea anchor 65x75cm

Liros Floating 8 Plait Rope 8mm yellow per meter

Jumbo synthetic sponge

Race rescue knife hook tip

Gerber Suspension Multi tool

Floating safety knife

Pack of 4 sailing needles

30gm Reel sewing thread

Waterproof matches


Additional products we'd consider:

Aquapac jumbo carry case

Windward grab bag

ACR Rapid ditch bag

Thermal protective aid

Plastic mouth fog horn

Ocean Safety Solas 2 Card

Sealskinz waterproof mitten

SealSkinz waterproof beanie hat


Remember to check out the full list of essential grab bag items broken down by coastal and ocean sailing, it's a good read, and a good place to start building your own check list.

Have a good weekend everyone, we hope you can stop by to visit us in one of our chandlery shops, and we hope you can get out on the water.


Happy Sailing!

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