LIVE STREAM: BOS LE300 Smart Battery System - How to extend your battery life by up to 10 years

Everything you need to know about the BOS LE300 Smart Battery System - an intelligent lithium battery, designed for the extension of 12V lead-acid battery systems - adding capacity, improving performance and increasing the lifespan of your entire system. Hear it straight from our experts - BOS Business Development Manager Daniela Bilstein and Force 4 Director Leigh Jacobs. 

00:00 • Intro to the LE300 System
02:45 • What are the benefits of the System?
03:58 • How much capacity does the LE300 have?
04:34 • What are Amp Hours (Ah)?
05:10 • What effects will it have on my lead acid battery?
07:46 • Will it stop my lead acid battery from discharging over the winter?
08:51 • Will I need to change my battery charging system?
09:48 • Are they easy to install?
11:37 • Why is a lead acid/lithium battery system better than a pure lithium system?
15:29 • Lithium systems don't usually function well in the cold - how does the LE300 integrated self heating system solve this?
16:35 • Can I combine the LE300 System with solar or wind power?
18:44 • Do you have sizing guides - ie how many modules per battery capacity?
19:44 • Can I use it on my starting/cranking battery as well as my house battery?
20:30 • Can they be connected in a series for a 24V system?
21:15 • Do the modules work with all types of batteries?
22:01 • How does it need to be stored - empty or charged?
22:58 • How does it affect the system if you have a shunt on the lead acid battery to a battery monitor?

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YouTube Transcript: BOS LE300 Smart Battery System

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