Stay cool and comfortable aboard

Spending time aboard your boat either at anchor or in a marina should be a truly pleasurable experience. But boats are practical things, and you can sometimes find that there’s something that sticks in your back when you’re trying to have a sunbath, or that your drink ends up on the floor thanks to the wake of a passing boat. We thought we would put together a list of our best selling items that make spending time aboard a more comfortable experience...



Available as either a single, double or triple cushion, these allow you to get comfortable anywhere on your boat. A UV resistant outer makes them tough and durable, and a silicone kapok filling makes them buoyant. There’s also a matching roll cushion to make a complete set.  SAVE WHEN YOU BUY A PAIR




If you’re fed up of getting too hot, these air coolers from Totalcool could be just the answer. Simply fill them with water, the colder the better, and they will blow cold air via two powerful outlets. They are super compact, and run on either 12, 24 or 240V, meaning you can take them home and use them there too. Extremely quiet and lightweight, they also only draw a maximum of 1.8 amps.





Make leaning against your guardrails comfortable by fitting these backrests. They simple clip to the guardrail wire in seconds, and are held in place securely. This backrest is shaped to fit the contours of your back and is ideal for increasing the seating capacity of your cockpit area. SAVE WHEN YOU BUY AS A PAIR




Sunset Blinds

Keep the interior of your boat cooler and make sleeping easier with these neat marine blinds. An enamel coated stainless steel frame makes them ideal for use onboard, and they fit neatly to both portholes and overhead hatches. They can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces as there is a catch included that holds the end of the blind in place when extended. Available in 5 sizes.



Ventilating Wind Scoop

This wind scoop can be mounted above a hatch aboard your boat to divert wind down the hatch and through the boat, helping to keep the interior cool and fresh. Simply attach it to a spare halyard when at anchor to keep it up, and a fibreglass batten at the base holds it to your chosen hatch. Fitted in 5 minutes and can make a huge difference on a hot day. 



Rocker Stoppers

A simple device that helps to prevent your boat rolling when at anchor. Simply hang up to 5 of  these on a rope over each side of your boat (the bigger the boat the more you will need - see website for details). The rocking motion will be dampened, making time spent at anchor more enjoyable, and preventing drinks and food being spilled by an unexpected wave or wake. Sold singly.




Ocean Clip-On Drinks Holder

This soft and flexible drinks holder clips to any vertical rail such as a stanchion or around a binnacle. It securely holds a bottle or can and can be easily moved around the boat as required. Buoyant if dropped, this holder is also virtually indestructible due to its flexible design, it also doesn’t hurt if you walk into it or bang it inadvertently. Available in white or navy. 5 STAR REVIEW


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