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step 1

1. Add Startron Petrol Additive (640032) to the fuel to stabilise the fuel and eliminate carbon build-up in the fuel delivery system and on exhaust components.


Step 2

2. Run the engine up to operating temperature with cooling water supplied from Flush Muffs (630015).

Step 3

3. Spray in Starbrite Fogging Oil (830483) through the carburettors until the engine stops. This will leave a protective coating on the internal surfaces of the engine.

Step 4

4. Change the engine oil (4-strokes only) using Quicksilver 4-Stroke Oil (830415).

Step 5

5. Remove the spark plugs and spray in Starbrite Fogging Oil (830483) before replacing the plugs finger tight.

Step 6

6. Spray the whole power head lightly with a water repellent oil such as WD40 (420194).

Step 7

7. Clean off & re-grease the control linkages & grease points using Quicksilver 2-4-C Multi-Purpose Lubricant (830410).

Step 8

8. Change the gearbox oil with Quicksilver Gear Lube (830373).

9. Store your engine vertically on a Rooteq Outboard Trolley (630159) in a dry, well ventilated place ready for trouble free boating next spring!

Happy Boating!

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