Long Term Fuel Storage

Fuel Storage During Lockdown

In Association with Fuel Set

As temperatures rise and fall quite dramatically between night and day, fuel tanks can suffer quite badly from accumulation of condensation. This collects at the bottom of the tank where the water provides an environment for the diesel bug to grow undisturbed. If left unchecked, diesel bugs can double in number every 20 minutes! To avoid problems re-starting your engine after this period of lay-up, if you do have access to your boat, we suggest a double dose of a good quality fuel treatment such as Fuel Set as soon as possible, ideally topped right up with fresh fuel. If the marina's bunker point is closed, add fuel treatment that has been very well mixed with a few litres of fresh fuel before adding to the tank, using road diesel carried in an approved 5 litre can from your petrol local station. (It's the same as red diesel, but without the red "off road" dye).  Run the engine for a few minutes to pull this treated fuel through the fuel lines to protect the whole system.

If you don't have any access to your boat now, add a double dose of fuel treatment as soon as you are allowed on board, along with as much fresh fuel as possible. If the diesel bug has taken hold in your tank whilst your boat has been moored up, a good fuel treatment will deal with it by dispersing the bugs at cellular level so they pass through the filter, but you can never be too careful - a dislodged clump could block the filter at any time, leaving you stranded so please remember to stay safe, always carry a spare filter.

Should the fuel storage continue for a number of months, fuel risks becoming stale. A fuel stabiliser or treatment that has a stabiliser in it will counteract this, rejuvenating the stale fuel and saving you from having to pump out/ pay for environmentally responsible disposal.

Many good fuel treatments (again, such as Fuel Set) will also clean the entire fuel system (dissolving gums, waxes, varnishes etc), which in turn provides greater economy, smoother running, better performance and lower emissions.


“We’ve stocked and sold Fuel Set for well over 15 years - it's a reliable, trusted method of removing water from fuel, which in turn deals with the dreaded diesel bug contamination. It works on all fuels, and in cars too, so if you have a car just sitting on the drive under lockdown, give it a treat with some Fuel Set too”

- Lawrence - Force 4 Team Member

Fuel Set is a complete conditioning, treatment and stabilising product - if you decide to use a different product or a combination of products, follow the advice on the bottle as treatments / conditioners / biocides work in different ways. 

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