Boat Cover Maintenance

If you have a winter cover on your boat, it’s worth taking a few steps each year to make it look good and last longer. These covers are expensive, particularly fitted versions, and if we can make them last a few extra years some basic maintenance can be time and money well spent…




If your covers have any small tears or rips, it’s well worth taking them to a sailmaker for a quick repair - this can extend the life of the cover and is money well spent - if you can catch the damage in its early stages a sailmaker should be able to sort this quickly and easily. If it’s an area prone to damage, ask them to reinforce this section of the cover for you ate the same time. If the cover is missing any press studs, turnbuckles or other fittings, these can actually be replaced at home. We sell a range of kits that allow anyone with basic DIY ability to carry out home repairs.




Dark blue covers are notorious for fading, and this can start to make your pride and joy look tired and neglected while it’s sat on your driveway. Products such as Renovo Canvas Reviver can be used to bring back a nice dark blue colour, making your covers look like new again. 




Covers start to lose their waterproof coating over time, which in turn allows them to leak. They also start to absorb water, which can lead to them shrinking and becoming discoloured. Applying a new coat of waterproofing to a canvas cover is one of the single best things you can do to extend its life and keep it looking smart. We sell a range of products, but make sure you use a heavy duty product (not the sort deigned for lightweight tents and clothing). Startbrite’s re-proofer is excellent, it also contains teflon allowing you to simply hose off dirt such as bird droppings. 




When you refit your cover, pay particular attention to its shape. What we need to avoid is rainwater ‘pooling’ in the centre of the cover. This water gets heavier and heavier, putting strain on both the cover and your boat. We recommend the use of a central support to give the cover the best possible shape to shed rainwater quickly, these supports are telescopic so will fit most boat covers and can be fitted in seconds. Some even come with a vent to allow the cover to breath, although these are slightly more complicated to fit. 




Now you’ve sorted your cover, sit back, relax, and admire your handy work. Your cover has been given a new lease of life, will last longer and protect your boat properly!


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