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Perfect Pilot Books...

If you’re sat at home dreaming of your next cruise, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 books to help you with your planning, preparation, or maybe just to give you some inspiration. Pilot books give us a huge amount of inspiration, and as many of us have a bit of time on our hands at present, here’s a few that may set your imagination going…

Baltic Sea 

RCC Pilotage Foundation - Cat. Code 700064

The Baltic is a truly achievable destination for those who keep their boats here in the UK, and for those that go once it often becomes an annual pilgrimage. Many of our customers return year after year, returning with tales of endless summers and a simple way of life where you simply pull up to a rock and tie on a line. 9 countries have Baltic shores, meaning that there’s a wealth of culture and heritage to choose from on a summers cruise.

Kintyre to Ardnamurchan

Martin Lawrence/Clyde Cruising Club - Cat. Code 700199

The west coast of Scotland has a truly magical feel to it, and can rival anywhere in the world for its stunning beauty and rugged landscape. Whether you like castles or distilleries, there is a warm welcome waiting for any visitor, and with long summer days and plenty of sheltered anchorages this part of Scotland has got to be firmly on any sailors bucket list. 

Ionion Pilot

Rod & Lucinda Heikell - Cat. Code 700021

For those of us dreaming of sunshine and glorious blue sea, the Ionian provides the perfect destination. It is sheltered, laid back and full of Greek charm. Anyone familiar with the Heikell style of writing will know that he has a certain honesty that is both addictive and informative, and this tale of tavernas and tzatziki will truly inspire you to visit this magical cruising ground.

Isles of Scilly Pilot

Graham Adam/Royal Cruising Club - Cat. Code 700025

The isles of Scilly offer a true adventure for any cruising sailor. The beaches are endless, and the anchorages secluded. Described to us by many customers as ‘like England was 50 years ago’, the scillies offer a real retreat from the hustle and bustle of day to day life without having to travel too far.

Corsica & North Sardinia

John Marchment/RCC - Cat. Code 700070

A tale of two islands and cultures, Corsica and Sardinia are a bit off the beaten track, and as a result they offer some truly stunning beaches that are far more secluded than much of the Mediterranean. Sardinia offers Italian sophistication with huge stretches of beach as far as the eye can see, while Corsica gives a French take on a similar theme with beautiful fishing villages and national parks. The jewel in the crown is the 10 mile wide stretch of perfect sparkling turquoise water that separates the two, offering a truly amazing cruising ground.

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