winterise your engine

Top 10 for winterising your inboard engine

Short on time? Use our quick top 10 guide to winterise your engine. Help it survive the cold weather so that next year you can enjoy a season of stress-free boating.

1. Fuel Conditioner

Helps prevent the growth of diesel bug in fuel. Also prevents water build-up

2. Antifreeze...

Add antifreeze to prevent catastrophic damage from water freezing in your engine block

3. Inboard Engine Flusher...

Allows you to flush an inboard engine while the boat is out of the water

Inboard Engine Flusher

4. Protective Coating...

Spray in the cylinders and carburetors to prevent corrosion over the winter

Protective Coating

5. Oil Change...

Change your oil quickly and easily with this vacuum oil extractor

Oil Change

6. Repellent...

WD40 can be used all over the boat, and a good spray on most moving parts should help keep things nice over the winter


7. Lubricate...

Ideal for greasing steering systems and engine controls as part of your winter service routine 

8. Outdrive Gearbox Oil...

Quicksilver Gear Lube is designed to increase the life of gearbox components and works on outdrives and outboards

9. Re-Touch...

Make your outdrive look great again with this can of Mercruiser 'Phantom Black' spray paint


10. Anodes...

Your engine will need a good set of anodes for the start of the season, we keep dedicated sets for both propeller shafts and outdrives 

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