Invited on a corporate day trip or onboard with friends and family?

Sailing Clothing doesn't have to be scary!
OK, so you've been invited out for a weekends sailing, maybe with friends & family or maybe with your work on a corporate sailing trip.

For those of you that sail it's a great invite to have, going out on somebody else's boat can often be a lot more relaxing!

For those that don't sail it can often be a case of what to wear?


What to wear?

Getting your clothing right can often be the difference between a good time on the water and a bad time on the water. You want to be a good temperature, comfortable, dry, and have good flexibility of movement.

This doesn't have to be too expensive either. Buying all the top end kit for your first trip out is one way of doing it, the quality is so good on some of the apparel that taken care of it could last you a lifetime of trips! In fact companies like Gill offer fantastic guarantees on their complete range of products. (See the Gill guarantee here).
Although the cost of buying top end gloves, boots, base layers and foul weather gear can soon add up. So if it's your first time out, you might not want to invest quite so much to begin with.
For those of us on a more limited budget we have a complete range to suit.
You could buy all the essentials for under £200!* That's a complete sailing suit, lifejacket, sailing boots and technical gloves for under £200. (*All prices correct at time of posting)
You could then add to that kit, by adding some more suitable layers. You need to remember that it will often be a lot cooler out on the water than it is on the land. So make sure you have enough layers to stay warm. Wearing jeans and a jumper is fine, but swapping these for technical products will keep you warmer and drier out on the water. I'd personally recommend getting a decent pair of socks, there is nothing worse than cold feet, the technical socks will wick moisture away from the foot keeping your feet dry and warm, and reduce the chance of blisters.


Helly Hansen Base layer Top & bottoms

Gill Grid Microfleece Top

Gill heavyweight technical sailing sock


You might want to change the boots for a boat style shoe, just remember to ensure they've a non marking sole, the owner of the boat will not be happy if you run around marking the deck!

These are one of our most popular options, as they offer stylish looks and technical ability:

Musto Performance Boat deck Shoe 


What else to take?

This will depend on what type of sailing you're doing and who with, but some good basic items to have are:

wet and dry holdall keeps your dry clothes dry, and separate from any of your apparel that gets wet.
Sunglasses and sunblock are a must if the sun is out, you'll not be happy if you forget those.
An Aquapac to keep your car keys and wallet dry is a great idea.
Plus don't forget a hat to either keep your head warm or the sun off.


Any other suggestions? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Happy Sailing!

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