Top 5 Paddleboard Accessories

Anyone who has tried stand-up paddleboarding knows that it provides a great escape from the day-to-day grind. It allows you to escape the crowds and access parts of the coast that you wouldn’t normally be able to. Here at Force 4, we have been sold on paddleboarding for some time, as an accessory or toy to carry aboard your boat they provide hours of fun and the ability to explore even further afield. They also work off the boat, from a beach or pier, simply inflate and use - what could be easier? We thought we’d put together a list of our top 5 paddleboarding accessories to make your time on the water even more enjoyable...



Paddleboarding for exercise is a great way to keep fit, but blowing one up by hand can give you a workout before you even start! Our 12V pumps use the cigarette lighter socket on your boat/car to take the strain, leaving you to suit up and prepare for your time on the water. A digital pressure cutoff is a great feature to look for - set the pressure and start enjoying - the pump will shut itself off when the job is done. 



Being able to take some lunch, a change of clothes or even your fishing gear with you safe in the knowledge that should you inadvertently get wet adds a whole new dimension to the sport of stand up paddleboarding. Our waterproof rucksacks keep your gear higher up and off the deck, while ensuring all inside stays dry and clean.





If you prefer paddling without the hindrance of a traditional buoyancy aid why not have a look at our range of compact inflating flotation aids? Compact and light, these are worn around the waist and can be inflated in seconds should you need them. They are manually inflated, so no chance of any accidental inflations, and very easy to clean and maintain.





Having a place to securely store your paddleboard when not using it can mean you don’t have to deflate it between uses - a real bonus for those wanting to maximise their time on the water. When you aren’t using your board simply drop it into a set of brackets to keep it up off either the floor or deck.





When out on the water a good quality pair of polarised sunglasses that float is a real must. Accidental drops no longer become a costly mistake, and protecting your eyes from the sun will only enhance your enjoyment of being afloat. Polarised lenses make your view of the water crystal clear and full of definition - as well as often allowing you to see below the surface better than without polarising - great for exploring the shallows or casting a rod.

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