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Ultrasonic Wired WiFi Solar Powered Anemometer

Calypso Ultrasonic Wired WiFi Solar Powered Anemometer

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A high precison anemometer with no moving parts. The anemometer has been designed to avoid any mechanical parts to maximize reliability and minimize. Wind information is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth/Wifi or via a wired NMEA0183 connection.

The anemometer uses 4 ultrasonic transducers to measure wind speed and direction with an update rate that can be set to 1, 5 or 8 times a second.  If the battery power is below 20% the anemometer automatically set the update rate to 1 per second to conserve power.

Thermometer - Temperature data con be got using our App.

Compass - North position can be got through the needle that appears in Anemotracker App.

Gyroscope/Accelerometer - These sensors allow you to obtain information about the tilt angle of the boat.


The Ultrasonic Portable incorporates BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy).  Compared to Classic Bluetooth, BLE is intended to provide considerably reduced power consumption while maintaining a similar communication range (50 m)


The annemometer is powered from an internal battery which is charged via an itegrated solar panel.  The useful life of the battery is 2100 charge/dischage cycles. It has an autonomy with no sunlight of 1 year in sleep mode and ~30 days while measuring. 


The coverage range is around 50 meters when it is an open space.

Compatible devices

4.0 Android devices, Android 4.3 or 4.4 · iPhone 4S or beyond · iPad 3rd generation or beyond 


NMEA0183 (RS422, RS485), sentences selectables via Bluetooth

Baud rate: 4800/38400 (8n1) bauds


Sailing Anemotracker App 

Also compatible with ·Vaavud App ·iRegatta ·eStela ·SailRace


  • Wind speed Range: 0 - 40 m/s Resolution: ± 0,1 m/s Wind direction Range: 0 - 360° Resolution: ± 1° 

  • Waterproofing: IPX8

  • Version The BLE version is 4.1.

  • Diameter: 70 mm.

  • Height: 57 mm.

  • Weight: 135 grams.

  • Cable length: 1.5m

  • Mounting female screw thread 16 mm (M16x2)

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