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Force 4

Bilge Pump Control Panel with Alarm

Force 4 Bilge Pump Control Panel with Alarm
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A three way illuminated rocker switch with alarm incorporated featuring a unique safety backup system. For the alarm to function a second float switch will need to be installed.
• With the switch on Manual the pump runs continuously
• With the switch on Auto the pump is controlled by its float switch. Should the float switch fail, the second float switch will activate the alarm, but more importantly, will also start the pump
• With the switch in the Off position, the pump doesn't function until the water reaches the second float switch, also activating the alarm
• Voltage: 12V
• Dimensions: 115 x 63mm

Customer Reviews

Almost Review by Jim.W

The unit does everything that I need from it. However the only thing I would suggest if the manufacturer does read these things is, the wiring loom soldered off the back of the terminals is only about 4inches long.

It's far too short and so means it would need to have a terminal-block for onwards connections mounted virtually right behind where ever you decide to fix this control-panel (or re-solder some longer wires yourself). An extra 12-18inches of wire loom then strip them back to the length required, would allow more flexibility for the positioning of a term-block when using the panel straight out of the box.

I would have paid an extra quid or two to cover the cost of longer wires, just for the convenience of not having to faff around with a soldering iron.

(Posted on 12/10/2018)

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Product Questions

I'm having difficulty finding switches with a low rear profile, for fitting onto/into wood panels with limited space behind them.As this is apparently a 'surface mount' product, what available depth ( in mm ) behind the mounting surface is needed?

50mm open depth behind is required for mounting this switch.


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