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Lithium Batteries 12V

Sterling Lithium Batteries 12V

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Save £170.05 £840.00


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12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries with BMS and safety shutdown.

Unlike traditional lead acid batteries, which have a usable capacity of approx. 50%, Lithium batteries have a 100% usable capacity. Lithium batteries are not as affected by depth of charge and discharge resulting in an approximately 20 times greater life expectancy. Plus, they are also less than half the weight of the equivalent lead acid, which means that the available energy per weight ratio is 4 times better with lithium batteries.
These Lithium Batteries from Advanced Mobile Power Systems by Sterling Power have a built-in Battery Management System and Safety Shutdown feature.

Battery Management System and Safety Features:
• Automatic fault recovery system
• Internal cell thermal safety fuse
• Flame retardant electrolyte
• Fire retardant plastic case
• Explosion proof stainless steel cells
• Automatic battery protection system – internal
• Automatic low voltage - disconnects at 10V
• Instant automatic short circuit protection
• Protects the battery when high/low voltage, too high current, too high temperature

Battery Specifications:
• Positive & negative terminals with bolt/thread & washer
• Prismatic cell type
• LiFePO4 12V (nominal).
• Max charge V=14.8V, Recommended =14.6V, Float V=13.8V
• Cut off voltage: 10V, Cut off temperature: 50°C
• Charge Curve style: CC/CV
• Operational temperature: -30 to +60°C
• Internal consumption: Operational = 10mA, Dormant 0.1mA

Two Sizes/Capacities Available:

• Integral lifting strap
• Size: L33.0 x W21.5 x D17.0cm, Weight: 14.4kg
• 100Ah 25°C Lithium Deep cycle
• Actual usable power capacity: 1280Wh
• Maximum continuous charge rate 0.5C = 50A
• Maximum continuous discharge rate 1C = 100A
• Intermittent discharge rate is 200A for 30 seconds

• Integral lifting handles
• Size: L41.0 x W23.5 x D17.0cm, Weight: 15kg
• 120Ah 25°C Lithium Deep cycle
• Actual usable power capacity: 1536Wh
• Maximum continuous charge rate 0.45C = 50A
• Maximum continuous discharge rate 1C = 120A
• Intermittent discharge rate is 240A for 30 seconds

CHARGING - Lithium Batteries MUST be charged using the correct voltage profile and current rate.
The following recommendations should be followed:
For DC to DC charging (i.e. from an alternator), charging must be via a Battery to Battery charger (see Product Code: 130099). Either 30A (for 1 battery) or 60A (for 2 batteries).
For AC to DC charging (from mains or generator), charging can be via a Pro Charge Ultra 12V 50A or smaller battery charger (see Product Code: M130066)

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Product Questions

Is this listing for 1 or 2 batteries?

This price stated on the website is for ONE battery.


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Hi Can you confirm the dimensions for the 120 I really think they are probablyLength 41cm width 17cm and height when stood as shown in the picture of 23.5cm but need to confirm before ordering.

The correct dimensions for the 120Ah battery is:  Length 41cm x Height 23.5cm x Depth 17cm

The correct dimensions for the 100Ah battery is:  Length 33cm x Height 21.5cm x Depth 17cm


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What will the battery guarantee be .

The guarantee is 2 years.


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Can these batteries be charged by an MPPT solar panel controller?

Yes you can charge  these by solar but you will have to check that the MPPT charge controller can charge Lithium batteries and has a Lithium charge setting, you may have to adjust settings so consult the user guide for the charge controller.


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Does the BMS also have low temperature cut off around 0 Celsius?

Yes all controls are in the battery, it actually works below 0 deg but at a restricted level


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