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Flashing LED Lifebuoy Light

Baltic  Flashing LED Lifebuoy Light
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Flashing LED Lifebuoy Light - A neat & compact lifebuoy light featuring a high intensity flashing LED which illuminates the whole of the top sphere of the unit. Fitted with a gravity tip over switch to activate the light when it is turned upright. Completely watertight, it has an integral sealed battery which gives an operating time of more than 18 hours.
• Flashes over 50 times per minute
• Supplied with bracket
• SOLAS Approved & Ships Wheel Marked
• Size: Diam 110 x Height 134mm
• Weight: 175g.

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Product Questions

Product code 530100. Can't see from the picture whether there is a means of attaching this light to the horseshoe buoy. I have a standard 25mm pushpit how is the light attached to that? The attaching method is not clear on your web picture.Could you let me know before I order.ThanksRichard Heming

The bracket can be screwed to a baltic lifebuoy bracket or any flat surface, it is not possible to mount to a rail using only the bracket that comes with this light. 


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What is the shelf life of the integrated battery? I assume it is not replaceable so the whole light would have to be replaced when it expires?Some guidance would be helpful on whether the bracket is designed to be fitted to the pushpit rail or bolted to a vertical surface.Thank you.

The battery has an expiry 01/2024. The mount is designed to be fixed using two panhead screws or bolts to a flat surface.


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