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Ocean Signal

RescueME PLB1

Ocean Signal Rescueme Plb1

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The RescueME PLB1 is the world#s smallest PLB and provides the reassurance that emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button, wherever you are at sea or on land.
The units unique mounting cradle and strap means it can be easily fitted into your lifejacket or onto a belt, taking up minimal space and ensuring it is easily accessible. It can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations. A simple spring loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use & the retractable antenna is easily deployed by simply pulling it out gently.
Features & Specification:
# 30% smaller by volume than other PLBs on the market
# Easily fits in lifejackets or can be kept in a pocket
# Includes mounting clip/strap and neoprene flotation pouch
# Waterproof to 15m
# High intensity LED strobe light >1candela
# 66 channel GPS receiver for fast & accurate positioning
# Retractable Antenna
# Transmission Frequencies: 406MHz & 121.5MHz
# Operation Life: >24hours @ -20oC
# Operating Temperature Range: -20oC to +55oC
# Drop Proof: 1metre @ -30oC
# 7 Year Battery Life & 7 year warranty
# Size: H75 x W51 x D32.5mm, Weight: 116g

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Product Questions

Does this device require an annual subscription?

No, a PLB does not require an annual subscription. You register the product and provide all details requested and it will remain active for the length of the battery life.

For more details on the RescueMe PLB1 please click here.


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Hi Just wondering if these have a new battery date code on them (for the full 7yrs) or are they sold as is from stock so may not have a full 7yrs life?Thanks Chris

Our current stock has a battery expiry date of DEC 2026. (accurate as of 3/10/19).


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Is this PLB1 automatically registered for the UK or do I need to do anything to register it.Thanks

You will need to register the PLB. More information can be found here... https://www.gov.uk/maritime-safety-weather-and-navigation/register-406-mhz-beacons


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Is it a single use item? ie Does it need to be replaced if ever used?

The PLB1 can be reset after use. There are various approved service agents that can reset the unit and replace the battery for a fee. 


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