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Marine 16

Diesel Bug Treatment - 100ml

Force 4 Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment - 100ml
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Marine diesel bug may be killed completely using this treatment which is added directly to the tank before re-fuelling. In nearly all cases there will be no need to clean out the tank as the dead bug masses are reduced to fine particles that are either picked up in the fuel filter or passed harmlessly through the engine.
For slight infections use 100ml per 2000litres of fuel, for mild infections use 100ml per 500litres fuel and for heavy infections use 100ml per 100litres fuel

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Product Questions

I have a 40 foot narrow boat but don’t know the size of my fuel tank, what is the best method of treatment and are their any risks of over dosing. Thanks

The average fuel tank for a narrowboat is 40 Gallons/180L, so we would recommend using 2 x 100L treatments. The supplier has confirmed that it is not possible to overdose. 


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