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Seafire Extinguisher

Seafire Extinguisher

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Seafire is a fire extinguisher system for engine compartments using FM-200®, a clear gaseous vapour. It functions by removing heat energy from the fire and inhibiting combustion and, unlike dry powder extinguishers, it leaves no mess or potentially corrosive residue on metal parts and will not cause damage to expensive machinery or sensitive electronics.
The system goes off automatically following the detection of heat energy, delivering optimum extinguishing performance in just seconds. The system requires a maximum of one extinguisher for an engine compartment, and can be wired up to a warning light (not supplied) to indicate when it has been discharged
• Suitable for both petrol & diesel engines
• Approved by insurance companies, it is environmentally friendly and has a long service life and worldwide support
• Supplied with fitting instructions and sturdy mounting bracket.
To determine the correct size of extinguisher:
1. Determine the cubic volume of the engine compartment - measure the length, width & height (LxWxH) taking into consideration the curvature of the hull.
2. Select a model that meets or exceeds the calculated volume.

Seafire extinguishers also have the option of connection to an Automatic Engine Shutdown System.

Available in:

540031: FG50

  • Suitable for volumes upto 50cu.ft/1.4m3

  • Size: H305 x Diam 79mm, Weight: 2.0kg

540033: FG100

  • Suitable for volumes upto 100cu.ft/2.8m3

  • Size: H381 x Diam 89mm, Weight: 3.7kg

540042: FG125

  • Suitable for volumes upto 125cu.ft/3.5m3

  • Size: H406 x Diam 104mm, Weight: 4.5kg


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