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Plastic Padding

(Teroson UP 150) Glassfibre Filler Small

Plastic Padding (Teroson UP 150) Glassfibre Filler Small
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GLASS FIBRE FILLER is a blue-green glass fibre paste for bridging holes and deep filling and is suitable for metal or fibreglass. Impervious to water, it contains high tensile glass-fibre strands for extra strength.
• Pot Life: 6 to 30 mins
• Sandable: 20 to 30mins
• Bridges and fills in one go
• Tack-free finish allows easy removal of excess product
• Previously known as Plastic Padding Glassfibre Filler
• Size: 180ml

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Product Questions

When is glassfibre filler over paintable with international primacon I know it’s quered in 20min

This really depends on the weather conditions, if it is cold, we would recommend a couple of days, however in warm weather, it can be ready in a day. You can test its readiness, by trying to make an imprint with your finger nail. 


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I'm looking to repair my laser centreboard as a chunk came out the other day. I still have the piece and it fits perfectly. My plan was to glue back with epoxy then file a shadow wide groove along the crack line and fill with epoxy and fibreglass to bridge and sand down.Will this product be suitable for the latter part instead of cutting sheets of fibreglass?

This Glassfibre Filler will be suitable for this situation. We advise avoiding using the cutting sheets as it would be difficult to get a good finish. 


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