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Fuel Set


Fuel Set Fuel Set Concentrated Fuel Conditioner
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Fuel Set 500ml - Treats 2000 litres. - Blocked filters, stuck injectors and even engine failure can be caused by a microscopic fungus, that is present to varying extents in all fuel oil. Fuel Set Liquid is a complete fuel conditioner, which will reduce running and maintenance costs, and it absorbs any water present in the fuel, so you don't experience rough spots or misfiring. Treats diesel, petrol and 2 stroke fuel, and is completely harmless and environmentally friendly. It dilutes with fuel at a very economical 4000:1 ratio. Treats 2000 Litres.

Customer Reviews

Not just for boats! Review by Funky monkey

We use Fuel Set in our cars petrol engines, and have done for years. We find that the engine runs more smoothly, and we get more miles to the gallon. The car seems to have more power, and revs more freely. It is expensive, but we feel that it is money well spent.

(Posted on 16/09/2017)

allrounder Review by ken

I use this to reduce water build up in the fuel for my inboard diesel, outboard petrol and a petrol car that is rarely driven.
Purchased as its the only product I've found to cover both petrol & diesel.
I was laughed at by a 'diesel bug killer' seller, I know it doesn't actually kill the bug but I hoped by controlling the amount of water in the fuel - it would reduce my chances of infection.

So far - no problem in 10 years.
Note that the bottle is a very poor design and can easily leak this expensive product when stored on a boat (or stored anywhere that is not a static upright position).

(Posted on 21/05/2015)

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