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Anchor FX Series Alloy

Fortress anchor alloy lineup

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A highly rated anchor that has always performed well in many tests over the years. Constructed using a high-tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminium magnesium alloy, Fortress Anchors outperform and give superior holding power to much heavier steel anchors, whilst being much lighter and easier to handle.
Precision-machined for sharpness and quick penetration, which ensures faster setting performance, they suit most common sea bottoms. The flukes are also adjustable to 45° for use in soft mud. Fortress anchors are also ideal for use as a secondary/kedge anchor.
• Award winning design
• Tough anodised finish
• Smooth machined edges
• No welds to fail
• Disassembles for easy storage
• Rust proof and non-magnetic
• Lifetime parts replacement warranty
• Type Approved by American Bureau of Shipping
• Used by the US Navy and US Coast Guard

Model FX7
• Weight: 1.8kg / 4lb
• Suggested Boat Size: 5-8m / 16-27ft
• Replaces Steel Anchor: 3-4kg / 6-9lb
• Shank Length: 610mm, Fluke Length: 356mm, Width: 483mm

Model FX11
• Weight: 3.2kg / 7lb
• Suggested Boat Size: 8-10m / 28-32ft
• Replaces Steel Anchor: 5-6kg / 10-13lb
• Shank Length: 686mm, Fluke Length: 406mm, Width: 559mm

Model FX16
• Weight: 4.5kg / 10lb
• Suggested Boat Size: 10-12m / 33-38ft
• Replaces Steel Anchor: 6-8kg / 14-18lb
• Shank Length: 787mm, Fluke Length: 457mm, Width: 635mm

Model FX23
• Weight: 6.8kg / 15lb
• Suggested Boat Size: 12-14m / 39-45ft
• Replaces Steel Anchor: 9-13kg / 19-28lb
• Shank Length: 914mm, Fluke Length: 533mm, Width: 737mm

Model FX37
• Weight: 9.5kg / 21lb
• Suggested Boat Size: 14-15m / 46-51ft
• Replaces Steel Anchor: 15-23kg / 33-50lb
• Shank Length: 1016mm, Fluke Length: 610mm, Width: 813mm

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