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Force 4

3 Pin 5 Amp Waterproof Plug & Socket

Force 4 3 Pin 5 Amp Waterproof Plug & Socket
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3 Pin 5 Amp Waterproof Plug & Socket - Made from chrome plated brass, these traditional plugs and sockets are waterproof and come complete with plastic cover. Available in 3 amp (small) and 5 amp (large).

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Product Questions

What is the diameter of the flange of this fitting Thank you

The diameter of the flange is 45mm.  The fixing hole centres are 30mm.  Overall height when connected is 64mm.

One 5mm Dia pin and two 4mm Dia pins.


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Product code 110019I am after a waterproof plug and socket large but 2 pin 12 volt.All your photos show 3 pin although you say 2 pin sometimes.Need to order one but has to be correct as will only be using the plug part to screw onto an existing socket on my yacht.Too complicated to replace.Your quick response would be appreciated

We do have a 2 Pin 3 Amp and a 2 Pin 5 Amp version of this plug, please see the pictures attached. 


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