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ORDER HOTLINE 0345 130 0710


Inshore Flare Pack; Ideal for inshore use, generally within 3-4 miles of shore.

Aerial Inshore Flare Pack; Essentially an inshore kit plus two small rockets for additional visibility as you approach the horizon, or if you are near cliffs or behind obstacles.

Coastal Flare Pack; Suitable for use further away from land, the coastal kit contains two parachute rockets. These stay aloft for much longer than the mini Rockets, and can give visibility over the horizon. We normally recommend Coastal Kits for vessels venturing between 5 and 10 miles from land.

Offshore Flare Pack; The Offshore kit is normally recommended for vessels travelling more than 10 miles from land. It doubles up on the rockets and red hand flares supplied in the coastal kit, and exchanges the hand smoke flares for larger, buoyant floating smoke flares.

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Flares form an essential part of our on-board safety kit. We all hope we never have to use them, but knowing they are there (and in date!) gives us all peace of mind. To make buying flares easier, we supply them in ready made kits. Click here to see our guide to Choosing the Right Flares

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