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Stainless Steel Fuel/Water Sender

Wema Stainless Steel Fuel/Water Sender

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Wema Stainless Steel Fuel/Water Sender - This sender system is simple, with no mechanical moving parts to wear, so it is very durable and can withstand the constant movement of the tank contents much better than the 'car type' floating arm sender. A float, holding twin magnets, rises & falls with the fuel or water level and triggers a series of electronic switches housed & sealed within the tube.
Made from 316 grade stainless steel it is reliable & easy to install. The sender head has a 1 1/4 BSP male thread, with double 'O' rings for an efficient seal.
This sender can be used to replace faulty floating arm units.
Available in different lengths to suit the depth of the tank and it is calibrated during manufacture.
• Thread: 1 1/4" BSP
• Voltage: 12/24V
• 0-190 Ω
• Sender Lengths Available: 150mm through to 700mm"

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Product Questions

How far does the unit protrude above the top of the tank please

The sender unit protrudes 25mm or 1 inch from the top of a tank.


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Ref: Wema S/S Fuel Sender.I require one of these. I need to know if the length measurement is to the bottom of the thread or the flange.Many thanksPeter

The Length measurement is + or - 2mm from the top of the thread or underside of the flange


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Sirs,good morning, please can you advise how many "switches" there are in the tube?ie are there sufficient switches for my gauge to read evenly and continuously from Full to Empty orwill the gauge drop in stages as the fuel level passes each switch ?Plus do you sell the conversion kit from screw in to bolt on flange ?Thank youKind regardsIan07857 237 004

The WEMA sender works off resistance and not switches. This means that the as the fuel is used the gauge will drop accordingly to that level.  It will not step down in stages.  You need to ensure that you purchase the sended with the correct Ohms rating.

  • European spec. products work on a variable resistance from 0 ohms at empty to 190 ohms at full.
  • American spec. products work on a variable resistance form 240 ohms at empty to 30 ohms at full.

Please see WEMAs FAQ pages for help in determining the sender required. https://wema.co.uk/pages/faqs

We can speak to WEMA regarding any conversion kit you may need.


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What is the length of cable attached to top of sender?

The length of the cable at the top of the sender is 45cm.


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