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The world's most advanced VHF marine radio


Initiate direct calls (DSC) with other vessels by simply tapping the vessel on your handset. Initiate VHF calls to friends or quickly hail another vessel when every second counts.

One Hand operation
Cortex is ergonomically designed for one-handed operation with quick touch control or navigation using the unique click-wheel.

Wet Use
Cortex is submersible for 30 minutes (IPX7) and its touchscreen works perfectly with gloves or wet hands.

Pinch to zoom
Zoom in to focus on a single vessel or out for a wider view of everything around you.

Gorilla Glass screen
Engineered for harsh marine environments and maximum durability.

Plotter screen
See AIS transmitting vessels around you to maintain situational awareness. Easily see which vessels present a risk by viewing their speed, course and any potential crossing situation.

Intuitive to use
Touch vessels to see their details, easily make a DSC call or swipe to change VHF channels.

Wide viewing angle and sunlight-viewable
Always viewable, even when wearing polarized glasses.

AIS/VHF Display
AIS Vessel information is continuously displayed (name, bearing, and relative position) even while talking to them on VHF.

Never miss a word
Enjoy crisp clear sound through an 85db speaker. Instead of ambiguous bells or tones, Cortex sounds the alarm with voice alerts that escalate until acknowledged.

Handsets anywhere you need them
Communicate from anywhere on board with up to 10 handsets. Locate a tethered handset wherever power is convenient. There's no need to run any wires to the Cortex M1.

M1 Hub

The power of VHF and AIS combined
Cortex is the world's first VHF with high speed SOTDMA AIS transponder technology, making your boat visible to others.

A built-in heading sensor tells other vessels your direction, helping them more accurately predict potential collisions.

Be armed with critical information about vessels, AIS marks (AtoNs) and man overboard devices on your MFD, mobile or Cortex handset.

The smartAIS advantage
smartAIS proactively alerts you of potential collisions, anchor drag and man overboard situations.

smartAIS consumes very low power and continuously alerts even if your power intensive MFD or smartphone is switched off.

Collision Avoidance
smartAIS combines GPS, AIS and heading data with smart logic to proactively warn you of collision risks.

Clearly see the highest risk vessels. When using a Cortex handset, smartphone, or tablet, make trial manoeuvres to see a simulation of where and when your paths will cross.

Anchor Watch
Sleep soundly or explore with abandon knowing that your boat is exactly where you anchored it.

By combining your position and heading, Cortex will determine if your anchor drags. If your boat moves outside your anchor swing radius the alarm will sound on Cortex handsets and your smartphone. Receive alerts while ashore via the Cortex Monitor App on your smartphone.

Want to know if water depth, wind speed or direction changes while anchored? No problem, Cortex will keep watch and alert you.

Man Overboard (MOB)
When Cortex detects an AIS MOB activation it immediately sounds the alarm.

Compatible with all AIS MOB's, you will see where the MOB was first activated along with continuous updates to its location, bearing and range. Get clear information and take the best course.

Label AIS MOB devices with crew names for easy identification.

Pressing the dedicated MOB button activates a track back mode on all handsets and marks the MOB on NMEA 2000 connected MFDs.

Remote vessel monitoring and control
See your boat's status, receive alerts and control devices.

Easy setup, no fee
With built-in sensors, you can see twice daily updates of your boat's location, battery level, true heading and barometric pressure.

Connect to your NMEA network and monitor more - wind speed direction and water depth.

When your smartphone and boat have cellular access, you can see that your boat is safe and secure.

Real-time monitoring and control
Subscribe to a Cortex Monitor Plan to receive alerts, see real-time information about your boat and remotely control devices like lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration or ice-makers.

Whether you've left your boat at anchor or at the marina, know exactly where it is and what's happening on board.

Advanced SOTDMA technology
SOTDMA is the latest AIS technology with 5W power output, making your boat visible over a longer distance.

With faster and more frequent transmissions of your position to other vessels, you'll be safer, especially at speeds of over 14 knots.

Connect via WiFi
Receive alerts on your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch anywhere on board.

Connect up to 10 WiFi devices to receive and manage alarms, view AIS information and instrument data.

Integrate Cortex to your NMEA 2000 network and use your mobile devices to view information your instruments provide.

10Hz GPS Update Rate
With 10Hz GPS updates, your vessel position is more accurately plotted.

When you connect other devices to your Cortex GPS using NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183, all on board equipment benefits from our superfast GPS

Integrated no-loss splitter
Our integrated no-loss splitter allows you to share a single antenna with another VHF and delivers optimum performance for both your VHF and AIS.

Low Power Consumption
With low input power, you can keep Cortex always on, so you are always visible and always watching. Receive alerts without the need for power-hungry MFD's.

Galvanic isolation
Protect your Cortex and connected equipment from electrical shorts and damage from ground loops.

Fully waterproof
Submersible for 30 minutes (IPx7), Cortex can be safely mounted anywhere on board.

NMEA 2000 Gateway
Translate NMEA 2000 navigation data over WiFi and NMEA 0183 for use with apps and devices.

Third party apps
Cortex provides AIS, GPS, and instrument data such as depth and wind to a wide range of 3rd party apps on Android and iOS devices. Take advantage of Cortex high precision GPS and AIS overlays on your smartphone, iPad & Android mobile devices

Universal compatibility
Cortex seamlessly integrates with every brand of MFD and chartplotter with AIS input. It provides target overlays and vessel information at your fingertips, such as course and speed on your existing or any new MFD.

Cortex will get smarter
New features and capabilities are downloaded automatically to the Cortex Onboard app for easy updates to Cortex via WiFi whenever convenient.

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