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This waterproof and robust tiller pilot can be used as a stand alone pilot or can be connected to GPS for auto control. 6 large tactile buttons enable the user to switch in and out of Auto mode and to make simple one button press course adjustments. A backlit LCD display will give navigational data such as a heading, distance to waypoint, bearing to waypoint and cross track error. 

• Auto Seastate feature within the pilot teaches the pilot to ignore the repetitive movements of the boat and to respond to only true course changes thus providing a more comfortable passage.
• Wind trim mode - the tiller pilot maintains a course relative to an apparent wind angle ( input from Wind vane required).
• Auto tack - a simple two button press to turn the boat through 100 degrees.

• Voltage: 10-16V DC
• Power Consumption 40mA (Stanby mode)
• Weight 1.53kg
• Mounting methods: Reversible port or Starboard
• Connection: NMEA0183 and Seatalk
• Stroke: 236mm

*Always take the fully laden displacement weight into account, often 20% above the designed displacement.

Available in:

220194: ST1000+

  • Thrust: 57kg

  • Maximum Displacement*: 3,000kg

220195: ST2000+

  • Thrust: 77kg

  • Maximum Displacement * 4,500kg

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Product Questions

Which tiller pilot is this? The 1000 or 2000

They both have the same design just different maximum displacements. Please follow the link below to the Raymarine website for more information.



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Is this really "waterproof" ... what is the IP rating ? It's a bit disingenuous to describe it as waterproof. These units are notorious for breaking down when used in the rain. There are even vendors selling covers for them to keep the rain off.

Both the ST1000 & ST2000+ have an IP Rating of IPX4, which is resistant to water splashes from any direction.


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