Top 5 Books for Self Isolating...

Looking for some reading inspiration while self isolating? Here’s our top 5 books to take your mind off things…


Amazing Sailing Stories – Dick Durham

Take your mind on a multitude of adventures with this fantastic book by Dick Durham. The exploits of sailing's greatest names are recounted, along with an eclectic mix of voyages that never made the headlines yet make compelling reading. Dick Durham invites you to set sail on a thrilling journey comprising some of the most exciting tales of adventure afloat. He retells each one, adding a magic that makes this essential reading for anyone with a love of sailing and the sea.

Cat Code 750079. Paperback 272p. £12.99


The Riddle of the Sands – Erskine Childers

If ever a book could captivate you purely on the writing style of the author, this is it. The Riddle of the Sands tells the fictional story of two young men on a sailing trip to the islands off the Dutch coast who discover a secret German naval base, and an enemy armada preparing to invade England. Set in 1901 the book was ranked 37th in the Observers list of 100 top books, and also turned in to a film in 1979.

Cat Code 750052. Paperback 288p. £8.99


Sail Away – Nicola Rodriguez

If you’re sat at home dreaming of sailing, you might as well dream big! Nicola Rodriquez writes this compelling book based on her and her families experience of living aboard a boat for 4 years and sailing the world. If you’ve ever dreamed of doing this, but decided it wouldn’t be practical, prepare to have your mind changed!

Cat Code 720096. Paperback £18.99

Upgrading Your Boat’s Interior

If you can’t access your boat at present, you can at least start planning some future upgrades. Upgrading Your Boat’s Interior provides inspiration and instruction on how to improve and lift the interior of your boat, all from the comfort of your home. Whether you need more storage, want to learn more about woodworking or are tackling a major project, reading this book will fill your mind with valuable knowledge and inspiration. 

Cat Code 730068. Paperback 144p. £19.99


Reeds Sextant Simplified

If you’ve always thought about learning how to use a sextant, then maybe now’s the time to give it a go? Reeds ‘Sextant Simplified’ is a great book for this, it shows how to use a sextant in a logical fashion. Why not order a practice sextand and some tables at trhe same time too so you can have a practice?

Reeds Sextant Simplified - Cat Code: 710199. Paperback 104p. £14.99

Why not add the following learning items to your Reeds Sextant Simplified Book...

Reeds 2020 Astro Navigation Tables - Cat Code 710202. Paperback 80p. £25.00

Davis Mk.3 Practice Sextant - Cat Code 320003 £78.95

Davis Artificial Horizon - Cat Code 320008 £49.95


Managers Favourite - Billy - Manager - Force 4 Plymouth

Left for Dead

"While I sit at at home, dreaming of summer sailing , and planning the next family trip to  Plymouth Sound - to catch mackerel, I find myself reading one of my favourite books again.

Left for Dead is about the famous and tragic 1979 Fastnet Race, where a deadly and unexpected storm left a man for dead and the incredible story of how he survived.
Absolutely the best read on my book shelf, I must have read it four times by now."

"I'm going to follow it up with 'Sailing Around The UK and Ireland'. It's another good read, with some great practical tips about sailing around our little island." 

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