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Force 4

Rope Seal Hot Knife & Soldering Kit

Force 4 Rope Seal Hot Knife & Soldering Kit

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Rope Seal Hot Knife & Soldering Kit - A 3-in-1 cordless, butane-powered, soldering iron, rope cutter & heat gun kit. Supplied in a rigid plastic case the kit includes: Cordless soldering iron with 1.6mm conical tip, Mini wrench, 2.4mm chisel tip, Hot knife tip, Deflector tip, Coil of solder wire, Sponge, Cap.
• Piezo ignition
• Fully adjustable
• Refillable
• Operating Time: upto 60 mins
• Approx Temperature: Upto 400degC (Soldering iron), 450degC (Heat gun), 1300degC (Torch)

Customer Reviews

Brilliant bit of kit Review by Jonno_the_sailor

This has proven really useful on board for soldering, cutting ropes and using as a mini-blowtorch.

It does chew up gas quite a lot, but it's very powerful for its size so i'm not surprised gas useage is a bit heavy. Still, a refill can is only a few quid and i've not managed to empty that yet.

The rope cutting tool works well, but if you are cutting a rope over 10mm, you have to cut it very slowly, or it'll cause a mess of the rope. To be honest this cutting tip needs to be much sharper so it'll slice through the rope instead of dragging it through and hope it's hot enough to melt through.

The box is sturdy and it comes with some solder and various accessories. New tips can be bought freely if you need new ones. All in all i'd say this is a must-have for on-board use.

(Posted on 15/12/2018)

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