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Force 4

Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment

Force 4 Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment
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A blend of enzymes, friendly bacteria and surfactants, to break down waste in marine holding tanks.
• Eliminates holding tank odours completely
• Breaks down waste and tissue
• Safe for any black water tank system
• Safe for chemically sensitive people
• Non-staining
• 100% organic and biodegradable
• Size: 1 Litre

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Product Questions

is this product suitable for sterilising the fresh water holding tanks?

No, this is for the waste tanks.  Please see product code: 830179 or 830181.


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What size holding tank will this I ltr bottle treat? How is it used?

Dose holding tank when empty either directly or via toilet. Add 40ml per 90 litre holding tank size. When you dump the holding tank, add another treatment.


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