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Force 4

Gas Leak Detector 8mm

Force 4 Gas Leak Detector 8mm
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Gas Leak Detector 8mm - This gas leak detactor provides an instant visible check for any gas leaks. Fitted close to the outlet side of the gas regulator, bubbles in the sightings chamber indicate a leak downstream of the bubble tester. 2 bar max pressure
• 8mm pipe
• 90x60x30mm
• Supplied with fluid.

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Product Questions

I had one of these gas leak detectors fitted on my boat near the gas bottle 3 years ago. It was tested and fine but now there doesn’t seem to be any liquid in the clear glass tube and the red button won’t press down. Can I add more liquid to it and if so, what liquid is it and how do I do that.Thankyou.

You can buy Spare Gas Detector Fluid, to view this item, click HERE. The instructions to refill the fluid are as follows:

  1. Close the regulator valve on the L.P.G. Cylinder
  2. Unscrew the sight glass. Cut a corner off the glycol sachet supplied and fill to the top mark on the sight glass. Check that the gasket is in the correct position and screw sight glass back into place.
  3. After topping ip the liquid, the gas tightness of the leak detector should always be tested. The leak detector is selftesting, i.e. bubbles appear in the sight glass if there is a leak in the tester,. Adopt the same procedure as for a normal test.
  4. The level of liquid in the detector should be checked regularly and topped up when required. 

IMPORTANT! When the glycol liquid has been topped up the leak tester should not be turned upside down as the liquid may run out.


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