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Diablo Tank Plates

Force 4 Diablo Tank Plates

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Product code: M830707
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Save £6.04 SRP £44.99


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Tank top plates to pair with the range of Diablo fixed tanks for fuel, water or waste.
Each plate manually screws onto the tank and is secured in position by a locking pin that prevents loosening. Tank cleaning is easy - just lift the locking pin and unscrew the hatch to leave easy access to the interior.
The top plates are supplied with all the relevant hose connectors, caps and internal sealing gaskets (fittings vary depending on liquid to be stored).
The plates are also suitable for the retro-fitting of senders for tank gauges (not supplied)

Available in three versions:

Code: 830707 - Fuel (Red) • Connectors: 1 x 90°xØ38mm, 1 x 90°xØ17mm, 1 x 90°xØ11mm, 4xCaps, Gasket

Code: 830708 - Water (Blue) • Connectors: 1 x 90°xØ38mm, 1 x 90°xØ17mm, 1 x 90°xØ13mm, Gasket

Code: 830709 - Waste (Grey) for 230mm deep tanks • Connectors: 2 x 90°xØ38mm, 3 x 90°xØ25mm, 1 x 90°xØ20mm, Gasket

For the Waste tank outlet plate suitable for the 305mm deep tanks, please see Product Code: 830753

Customer Reviews

Disappointing Review by Pugwash

Expensive for what it is.

Only comes with 3 connectors (filler, feeder & vent) which don't appear to be very sturdy. I'm finding it difficult to source a connector for my fuel return.

No sign of the locking bolts when it arrived.

If you're adding a sender you will need to buy the NYLON FLANGE as the stainless steel one won't fit. The nylon one didn't fit that well - I had to use both the new & old gaskets to get a decent seal & with a great deal of frustration !

(Posted on 08/04/2015)

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Product Questions

What is the dimension to the highest point of the connectors from the top of the plate on the blue water plate please.

The distance from the top of the plate to the top of the highest connector is 90mm, you should allow 95mm to include the hose as well. 


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On the Diable grey tank plate are the four connections the correct size to accommodate a normal pump out connection i.e. waste in, pump out, rinse and breather? Many thanks,Steve

The waste tank plate has a 38mm connection, which is standard for most waste pumps and deck fillers


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