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Force 4

Anti Motion Sickness Glasses

Force 4 Anti Motion Sickness Glasses
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Anti Motion Sickness Glasses
- These unique glasses are a “visible internal ear”. The fluid in the frames recreates the natural horizon, thus enabling the eyes to transmit the same information as your actual inner ear and therefore removing the sensory conflict which is the source of motion-sickness.
They only need to be worn for a few minutes (on average 6 minutes) and any symptons of motion sickness will disappear.
Clinical tests, carried out with the French Navy, have shown them to be 95% effective which is generally much higher than other seasickness remedies.
Keep a pair on board (next to the first-aid kit?) for any crew members or visitors to use when they start to feel seasick.
• No side effects
• No Contr-indication
• Can be worn over opthalmic glasses
• CE Approved (Class 1 medical device)
• Supplied with rigid plastic storage box

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Product Questions

Is it possible to put prescriptions into these glasses? Do prescrition anti sickness glasses exist?Thanks

They do not accept prescription lenses.  Our supplier does not make a prescription lens version. You can wear them over glasses or use contact lenses.


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