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Fenders White/Blue

Fenders White/Blue

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Majoni boat and yacht Fender 

- Quality cylindrical fender made from top quality soft PVC, rotation moulded. This fender retains flexibility, is totally unaffected by extremes of temperature and is easily inflated and re-inflated. 

• Colour: White with Blue Ends
• Max Inflation Pressure: 0.2 bar / 2.9 psi 
• An Inflator Valve adapter (See product code: 840459) may be required to assist with inflatio

Size 0 - 30 x 9cm, 12 x 3.5'

Size 1 - 48 x 12cm, 19 x 5'

Size 2 - 55 x 15cm, 21.5 x 6'

Size 3 - 62 x 21cm - 24.5 x 8'

Size 4 - 70 x 24cm - 27.5 x 9.5'

Size 5 - 90 x 30cm - 35.5 x 12'

Inflation Guide:

In all our fenders and buoys we use an unique strong brass valve for easy inflation and deflation. The best way to inflate a fender is just pushing air pressure from a compressor (without a needle) against the valve and the fender will inflate. Also it is possible to inflate the fender with a bicyle pump with a special adaptor, which should be available at dealers with our products. Please don''t use a handset with a pin to inflate, because the pin can damage the valve.
The best inflation pressure is 0,2 bar. This is the pressure where you should be able to press the body of the fender visible easy with your flat hand. For deflating just push a pen slightly in the valve to let the air out. If you push to hard and to deep, the valve will be damaged.
Is a valve is leaking you can replace it with turning in a bolt M3 (or a woodscrew). You turn the bolt or woodscrew into the valve and pull the valve out with a pair of tongs. After inspecting you can push a new valve or the same inspected or cleaned valve back in the tube with a pen.

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Product Questions

What is size 1 in Majoni fenders

Size 1 measures 48 x 12cm, 19 x 5".


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What size would you recommend for a 33ft cabin cruiser. Fair line targa

We would recommend size 4.


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