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ORDER HOTLINE 0345 130 0710

Cleaners, Polish & Teak Care

A good washdown at the end of the season should never be underestimated. It gets rid of any potentially damaging deposits such as salt, oils, and anything else we may spill while topping up the outboard or fuel tank. It also lays the foundations for the steps below. We only sell cleaning products that we have tried and know to work, so let us point you in the direction of some products that will make this job both easier and faster! Many of our products are also optimised for different surfaces, materials and areas of the boat. For example we sell a specific non-skid deck cleaner for areas that you actually don't want to become shiny (and slippery!). Our staff are always happy to advise you on treatments for other areas such as teak decks and canopies/covers too. 

Trade Secret
Many people use washing up liquid to clean a boat, and it's actually quite a good detergent, but beware, it tends to remove the wax you spent hours applying earlier.