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Adlard Coles

Outboard Engines - Maintenance Troubleshooting & Repair

Adlard Coles Outboard Engines
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Outboard Engines - Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Repair
For 2-stroke & 4-stroke engines from 2 to 300 horsepower
- Outboard engines have got better than ever in the past decade: more reliable, more economical to run and more environmentally friendly. They've also become more complex, so keeping these high-tech wonders running smoothly requires a solid understanding of how they work and of proper repair and maintenance techniques.
This edition covers the new 4-stroke engines, conventional electronic start and direct fuel-injection systems, the new, clean 2-strokes, and multiple engine installations.There are easy-to-follow directions for troubleshooting problems in every engine system, and step-by-step procedures for reliable repairs and maintenance. Every major engine brand on the market from 2 to 300 horsepower is covered.
Hardback, 148pages, 191x238mm, b/w photos & diagrams

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