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Startron Shooter PETROL 30ml

Starbrite Startron Shooter PETROL 30ml

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An incredibly convenient, single dose, sized bottle of StarTron Fuel Treatment for outboard engines. The 30ml bottle will treat 6 gallons (23L) of fuel by simply emptying it into the engines tank (or use half a shot for 3 gallons). Your engine will then gain all the benefits and increase in performance that StarTron brings.

Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a multifunctional fuel additive which uses a unique enzyme technology to cure & prevent fuel problems. It allows all engines, from the smallest 2-stroke outboard to the largest turbo engine, to start more easily and run more smoothly. It increases performance, reduces harmful emissions, prevents carbon deposits & helps improve cruising range & fuel economy. A year-round treatment, Star Tron also stabilises fuel, making it ideal for use in winterised boats and can rejuvenate old, substandard fuel.
• Cures & prevents ethanol fuel problems
• Increases fuel economy
• Makes engines start easier & run smoother
• Stabilises fuel for up to two years
• Reduces all emissions
• Lowers fuel system maintenance
• Eliminates & prevents carbon build-up in fuel delivery system and on exhaust components
• Cannot be overdosed
• Rejuvenates old fuel

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