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Laser Kit

Laser Kit
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PROtect Laser Kit - • 2 stripes, 500 micron, 51mm wide, 200mm long
• 2 disks, 1mm, diameter 65mm
• 17mm and 30mm, 2m long for snug fit of top and bottom sections of the mast
• 34mm, 150mm for the tiller abrasion
• 150mm x 300mm for the outhaul
• 5 squares 30 x 30mm for the centre board

P&B: Laser Wear Kit

The Kit has been developed by PROtect tapes and optimized by Laser sailors and contains a large selection of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tapes with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.

The Result is a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made.

It has extremely low coefficient of friction, is self-lubracting and highly resistant to abrasion (15times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel) and offers an efficient solution to many wearing and tearing problems.

Whats in the box:

•2 Disks - 65mm diameter for the mast step
•2 Stripes - 50mm wide for the mast step and mast deck
•1 Stripe - 17mm for snug fit of the top mast section
•1 Stripe - 34mm for deck abrasion from the tiller
•1 Stripe - 150mm for the outhaul
•5 Squares - 30mm for center board

Its the ideal kit against severe damages to your Laser and very easy to apply because it is already die cut in the right sizes and shapes.

All tapes are fully compliant with the ILCA Class Rules

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