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Jaws Handle

Karver Jaws Handle

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“Floating Cam Cleat”
The KJH “Jaws Handle” is the ideal system to tighten up a sheet without hurting one’s hands!
The resistance strength of the new high modules rope tends to reduce line diameters, which compromises comfort and efficiency when trimming (it is difficult to pull hard on a small diameter line without getting one’s hand crushed!) The Karver “Jaws Handle” enables you to be able to hold a line that is under load already.
To release the line from the cleat, simply bend the wrist.
The KJH can easily be used to trim on a mainsheet or even a spinnaker sheet or for control lines on larger yachts.
Use to grip a line when there is a riding turn on a winch
Hold a halyard that is stuck
Make trimming a spinnaker sheet (or any sheet) more comfortable and less strenuous
Free up a winch during sail changes
• Max Rope Diameter: 10mm
• Size: 110 x 35 x 40mm
• Working Load: 110kg
• Breaking Load: 220kg
• Weight: 111g

Available in a selection of colours - Grey, Pink or Yellow

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