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Helix 5 SI Combo with Navionics Gold Small Downlo

Humminbird Helix 5 SI Combo with Navionics Gold Small Download Chart

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A 5” widescreen charplotter/ sounder with Side Imaging/Down Imaging and Dual Beam Plus sonar. The Helix 5 SI has a high resolution 800 x 480 pixel, 256 colour display with backlight. The Helix 5 is shipped with a mounting bracket and transom mount transducer. Bundled with a Navionics Gold small area download chart.

Sonar Features
Side Imaging Sonar -
It’s all in the details. Gain a 180 degree side-to-side perspective on the world below the surface with remarkable Humminbird® Side Imaging®. In an instant, the ultra-thin beam scans the area up to 240 feet to the left and right of your boat location—for total coverage of up to 480 feet. The return image for each slice is then added to the images taken immediately before and after to build an incredible view of the lake bottom. You can then magnify the detail of the image with the zoom feature or mark the GPS location of promising cover or structure directly on the screen.

Side Imaging's high-frequency beams reveal structure, cover, and contour changes with crystal clarity. The images are so real you might think it’s a camera, but it’s not, so it doesn’t matter how murky the water is.

SwitchFire Sonar - Take command of how your sonar returns appear with our Clear and Max Modes.

DualBeam Plus Sonar - Two beams combine for great detail and a wide coverage area. Use the narrow beam for high-accuracy returns and bottom. Use the wide beam when you want a larger search area.

Split Screen Bottom Lock- magnify the view of the bottom and structure

Split frequency view - display sonar returns for both 83 & 200kHz

Selective FISH ID+ Fish Icon and depth are displayed on the screen

Large digits view - Easy viewing of depth and temperature from a distance

Freeze frame - Freeze the screen and use the cursor to measure depths of fish

Circular flasher view - displays real time sonar in the traditional circular view

Real time sonar window - a vertical flasher bar that shows the real time sonar returns

Rear Side Handgrip - for easy button control even in rough waters.

GPS Chartplotter Features

10Hz ultra fast GPS update for precision positioning

Compatible with Navionics Gold charts

Man overboard key - press and hold the GOTO key for 1.5 second to record the MOB position as a waypoint

Birds eye view - a 3d perspective view of the track and the chart’s land contour from a point above and behind the boat

Large digits view - Easy viewing of navigational parameters from a distance

Display parameters: Bearing,CMG/SMG, COG, SOG, Position (LAT,LONG), TRK/CMG, TTG, Time & Date, Triplog, VMG, Voltage, WPTend, TTG, DTG, WPTnext, XTE

Digital compass view with XTE ( cross track error ) display

Mark button for fast waypoint marking

Alarms for temperature, depth, fish,low voltage , arrival, off course, drift

Power supply: 10-20V
Power consumption: 650mA
Power output: 500W RMS - 4000 watts PTP (Peak to Peak)
Frequency : 83/200 kHz
Beam: 20°, 60° & (2) 85° @ -10db (Total of 180°)
Dual Beam MAX depth: 1500ft
Side imaging MAX depth: 100ft
Unit dimensions (mm): 191 x 171 x 83

Compact Dual/Side Imaging. 20/60/180 degree, 200/83/455 kHz with built-in temperature. 20' Cable. More secure, especially at high force of waves. Improved running angle and an optional lock down screw to override the kick up.

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