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MOB Lifesaver

MOB Lifesaver
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In the event of a Man Over Board situation, it is often very difficult to reach down from the boat and get a line to the person in the water. The MOB Lifesaver is a neat and practical solution to this problem and will aid in the safe retrieval of the MOB.
The Lifesaver is a 3 metre length of bright yellow 3mm HMPE rope (the same material from which Dyneema is made), hand spliced into a loop with a triangle formed in one end. The other end is attached to the lifting strop in a lifejacket and then folded into the bladder so it will come out on top on inflation. When the lifejacket is deployed, the Lifesaver floats out onto the water and, because it has a triangle in one end, can easily be grabbed by a boathook, bought on board and attached to a cleat. The MOB is now attached to the boat while the rescuer rigs their preferred system of MOB retrieval.
# Strength Tested to greater than 1 ton

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