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Force 4

Inflatable Solar LED Lantern

Force 4 Inflatable Solar LED Lantern
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A unique and extremely versatile inflatable solar powered LED lantern which can be used in a multitude of situations.
It’s elegant, lightweight, maintenance-free, waterproof and shatterproof.
The 2 solar panels charge an internal battery that stores power and will run the 10 led bulbs. It features 2 light modes - bright and super bright and is completely waterproof. Plus being inflatable it will float.
When not inflated it is only 25mm thick (ideal for stowing in a grab bag) and the pinch valve means it can be blown up by mouth in seconds.
• Charges when facing sunlight or incandescent light
• Fully charges in 8 hours - will charge even when it’s cloudy (but it will take longer)
• Holds a full charge for about 3 months. After that, it retains up to 50% charge for 2 years
• Provides light for up to 12 hours (on low setting) after a full charge
• Light Output: 30-50 Lumens - illuminates an area of approx 9-14sq.m
• LED bulb life: at least 25,000 hours
• Will withstand extreme temperatures (-10°C to 50°C), wind and rain (waterproof & floats)
• Integral carry handle

Customer Reviews

Great product, easy to use, needs no looking after Review by kayleee93

Amazing light from this little Inflatable solar LED Lantern with so little effort... a little bit of sunlight or lamp light and its aways charged when I need it. Folds down to the size of cd to store, doesn't have leaky batteries that will ruin it and I don't need to remember to buy batteries, or bulbs.
I've bought 4 for myself and given them to my friends as well. Really nice item.

(Posted on 16/03/2016)

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