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Burgess Marine Woodsealer 1ltr

Burgess Marine Woodsealer

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Ideal for use on all exterior wooden and plywood surfaces on any marine craft. Also suitable for decking, strakes, capping rails etc.
It contains UV blocking pigments which help to prevent degradation of wood by the sun’s rays. It will not crack or craze like varnish and leaves a matt finish on the wood.
• Tough & long lasting
• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to apply
• Can be applied in damp conditions
• UV blocking pigments
• High resin content
• Size: 1ltr Bottle

Burgess Woodsealers have been manufactured since 1987. Developed by the inventor of Hammerite, and technically known as hydrosols, they are an environmentally friendly, non flammable blend of high quality acrylic resins held in water that allow wood to breathe. These products can be used on damp surfaces. Brushes may be washed in water and no harmful thinners are required.

Customer Reviews

Amazing stuff Review by captainendeavour

We used this waterproofer a great deal at my boatyard. It is remakable. The best example I can give is the locker lids/seats in the work boat. This all aluminium open boat had a locker/seat across the bow and two either side, midships. The lids were simply a piece of folded ali sheet, across and down.

In order to make these fit for taking punishment - ie people jumping down on them from the pontoon or other boats - we fitted 19mm marine ply, stuck down with Sikaflex. The ply was then give a couple of coats of Hydrosol.

The workboat spent its whole life out on the river. When not in action it was generally tied up alongside the pontoon. It was subject to endless rain - sunny Devon? - and constant seawater bursting over it in rough weather, all year round. The ply showed no sign of deterioration despite all the bashing by things and soaking by water.

Other wooden items we coated with Hydrosol fared just as well. I even dropped a load of wooden clothes pegs into a tin of Hydrosol. I expect the steel springs rusted out long before the wood showed any signs of rot.

My father's younger brother was one of those lost in the sinking of HMS Glorious in 1940, in the disaster of Glorious's withdrawal from Norway. He is commemorated with a plate on a wooden bench in my father's family's village of West Monkton, Somerset, in St. Augustine's churchyard. My mother and father used to fettle the bench with a tickle from sandpaper and a coat of Ronseal.

SInce their demise, the bench has deteriorated because I have been unable to maintain it. Now I am staying in the area, I will give it a good going over with the sander and coat it with Hydrosol. That, I am confident, will preserve the bench for many years to come.

(Posted on 28/06/2017)

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